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Vectorworks is the industry leading software solution for your entire design process. Vectorworks CAD and BIM software encompasses a purpose-built set of tools to help you realise your vision.

Vectorworks provides solutions for Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior and Theatre Designers.

Whatever scale of project you are working on - from loft extension to masterplan, or sketch development to Level 2 BIM, Vectorworks has a suite of intuitive and flexible tools to help you design, manage, develop and deliver award-winning design.

Modelity offers sales, installation and training for the following Vectorworks CAD and BIM software:

Vectorworks Architect
Vectorworks Landmark
Vectorworks Spotlight
Vectorworks Designer
Vectorworks Fundamentals
Vectorworks Service Select

Modelity provides Software Training and Customisation to meet Architectural needs.
Modelity provides Software Customisation to meet Architectural needs.